Saturday, June 15, 2013

Visions After Orgasm - More Than Premonition

We have been interviewed many, many times and often we are asked if the visions that we both receive are precognitive (seeing into the future).  For a long time, we said that yes, they seemed to be, but more recently we have begun to notice that we now get visions and information that isn't always about the "future", but about recent events be it experiences of friends, family or those we have taught amazing concepts via Sexy Challenges to.

The power of sexual energy and orgasmic energy and the spiritual connection (and doors) it can open for you is simply profound.  As I, Janelle, often say, it is beyond the capacity of human language to explain.

Can you have this in your life?  Yes, we believe you can.  That is why we are teaching it and sharing this message with the world!

Honoring you,
Janelle & Rob - Co-Founders of Sexy Challenges

Get busy. Get spiritual. Laugh your ass off!

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