Thursday, May 23, 2013

Sex and Your Soul

The physical health benefits of sex are widely known.  In fact, information on the mental and emotional health benefits are commonly talked about, too.  But, what is rarely mentioned is how you can enhance your connection to your soul and to your lover’s soul through lovemaking.  Orgasmic and sexual energy opens a gateway into the spiritual dimension.

Being aware of the sensations in your body as well as any out-of-body sensations during lovemaking and/or at the point of orgasm offers you the opportunity to direct the sexual energy toward a goal.  Your goal may be any range of things from physical healing to a new job to deepening your intuition and connection to spirit.

As you likely already know, everything is made up of energy.  Making passionate love to your sweetheart draws together a plethora of powerful orgasmic energy.  It is this phenomenally influential and magickal energy that you can learn to focus towards those amazing things you are wishing to magnetize to you. 

Focusing on opening a spiritual gateway and having a goal set for your orgasmic energy doesn’t take away from your sexual experience.  In fact, it can actually deepen the bond between you and your lover and heighten your sensuality.  Instead of getting lost in just the physical pleasure, you become more fully present and open to the sacredness of your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bond between the two of you.

Tapping into the ultimate creative source through sex within a committed loving relationship allows a spiritual channel to open.  Your creativity will be enhanced, your self-esteem and confidence will expand, you will be able to gain deeper clarity, your problem solving skills will increase, you will move beyond your current pleasure boundaries and your sex life, your emotional life and your spirituality will be stimulated.  

In these modern times, more and more people are seeking ways to expand their consciousness.  They want to connect to their souls and have better access to their intuition.  There are a vast number of spiritual practices that can help you do this – reconnecting with nature; meditating; yoga; shamanic journeying; having a session with a channeling expert, trance dancing and much more.  In ancient times, it was understood that sacred sexuality was a spiritual practice as well.  Over time, fear and disbelief have hidden this beautiful knowledge from daily life, but it is past time to remember how profound and extraordinary sacred lovemaking truly is.

You may be wondering how to access this if you are not currently in a loving, committed relationship.  Can you open that gateway alone?  Can you direct sexual energy and draw amazing things into your life by yourself?  The answer is yes.  Yet at the same time, it is important to point out that when two people are creating or drawing sexual energy together and together they focus on a specific outcome the results are exponentially more powerful.   

Whether you learn to engage in sacred sexual and magickal practices alone or together with your beloved you will activate your Divine power.  You will potentially gain access to deeper intuition, your Spirit guides, past life experiences, and healing.  You will discover a sense of joyful bliss that you can tap into whenever you want it or need it.  And, the synchronistic and serendipitous events that begin to show up in your daily life will leave you in awe and wonder.

Does this sound similar to the Law of Attraction method?  Well, they are similar, but at the same time quite different.  Learning and implementing sacred sexual and magickal practices goes much deeper than the basic concepts of the Law of Attraction.  When you are in a space in which you can blend your spirit with your lover’s and merge your sexual and orgasmic energy together the results are – well, out of this world.

The most amazing part is that you don’t have to learn special positions or special physical techniques to bring these phenomena into your life.  It is about learning to open your heart and open your soul to positive and light-filled experience.  It is about learning to connect with and then collaborate with your soul and your lover’s soul.  Anyone can learn to direct sexual energy through a variety of magickal methods.  Therefore, it doesn’t matter who you are, you have access to the Divine, to the Universe, to Spirit, to God, to the Creative Source just like everyone else.  

Janelle Alex, Ph.D. & Rob Alex, M.Sc. – Co-Founders of Sexy Challenges
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