Monday, March 4, 2013

Guys! Last Longer with Tantric Methods

So, guys would you like to last longer? Do you want to delay your climax? We are going to share with you a few different things that you can use to delay when you ejaculate. Once you practice and become skilled with these methods, you will be able to choose when and if you ejaculate. Make note that you can still orgasm even when you don’t ejaculate, but we are not suggesting that you don’t at all. We are just offering you a few techniques that you can use to make that choice for yourself. **Ejaculation is healthy for the prostate and your ejaculate also has healing properties; therefore your partner may benefit from it if you are fluid bonded. (Fluid bonded, if you don’t know, means you exchange bodily fluids during intercourse.)

Consider for a moment climbing a mountain. If you were to set out with only the goal of reaching the peak, which would be the climax of your hike, you would miss out on a lot of amazing sites and experiences along the way. There is no need to rush to the top. Instead, stop along the way (or at least slow down for a bit) and take in the whole experience.

Get in Tune w/Your Body
One of the most powerful ways to control your climax is to be in tune with your own body. Know how it feels when you are getting close. Pay attention to your breathing, know your limits, and be willing to change things up. You can certainly practice with your lover, but it can be quite helpful to practice alone via masturbation too. When practicing, choose one or two of the methods below (depending on how skilled you may already be at some) and consciously practice that particular technique during a lovemaking or masturbation session. Remember practice makes perfect. If it doesn’t work in the beginning, try, try again. 

Eye Gaze
If you are with your lover, you can open your eyes and stare deeply into his/her eyes. Focus on the emotions you are feeling at that moment. This can help you take focus away from your physical sensations and offers you an opportunity to take a step back from the brink.

This goes along with being in tune with your body, but be aware of your breathing. Slow it down. Take long, slow inhalations and release those deep breaths just as slowly. This will also help slow your heart rate a bit. The blood won’t be pumping quite as quickly then to your manhood.

Focus on Your Lover’s Pleasure
You can take the focus away from yourself and put it into pleasuring your lover. Become fully aware of what his/her responses are and what makes him/her feel pleasure. Bringing your lover to orgasm should be very exciting for you, but if it is going to lead you too close to your climax, then move back a bit from his/her orgasm and tease and play more for a while.

Change Positions
Having sex in the same position over and over again can become monotonous and boring anyway. Here is a perfect reason to switch positions. When you feel yourself nearing climax or if you know a particular position will take you there rather quickly, then make love in a different position. Try something new or do a different position that you already know the two of you enjoy.

Penis Squeeze
When nearing climax squeeze the tip of the penis just below the head. As you do this also pull the testes down and away from your body. You may need to do this for up to 30 seconds. If your erection lessens, don’t worry. You should be able to get it back as soon as you focus on your pleasure again.

Full Body Engagement
One final technique we will share with you today is a little more complex. When you are nearing climax, stop, hold your breath, tighten your perineum and your anus, touch your tongue to the roof of your mouth, and look upward with your eyes. Hold this position as long as you can. Then release it. If you tremble or spasm all over, you have just experienced a full-­‐body orgasm without ejaculating.

There are a number of ways to delay and/or control your climax. Extended foreplay is another beautiful method that many men practice. Yet, when you are new to this experience it will take time just like anything else. The first time you tried to walk you only took a couple of steps and then flopped down again, but you kept trying – didn’t you. Allow yourself (and your lover) to enjoy practicing any and/or all of the above techniques. Have fun and explore this new territory.

Dr. Janelle Alex, Ph.D.
Rob Alex, M.Sc. 

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