Tuesday, July 9, 2024


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PABLO, MALCOLM, THE MAN, tells the tale of an elite assassin and the object of his desire, Dexter, husband of another man. The assassin is driven by pure lust and control. Dexter wants more. He wants to know the heart, soul and mind of his occasional bedmate. Whose pursuits and desires will be the death of the other? Admittedly, the story is rather racy in parts, but I did not set out to write an erotic novel. I set out to tell the tale of an accomplished assassin with a strong work ethic and a peculiar and particular set of values. But as the various characters took to the pages and interacted with one another, they begged for lurid intimacy, and I simply had to let them take me where they needed to go. So, what we have now is a rather steamy story of mostly gay (there are some exceptions) sexcapades written around a benevolent, highly principled, psychopathic killer and his posse set primarily in Tampa and Key West. The main characters are the assassin; Dexter; Jacob, Dexter’s husband; Penelope, the assassin’s ward; Wally, the technician behind the assassin’s greatest successes; Jesus, the assassin’s uber-sexy Hispanic factotum; and several other characters that make pop-up appearances, usually naked. I hope you enjoy their story.

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