Saturday, February 10, 2024

Secret Agent Millionaire (Alpha Defense Series Book 1)


(Alpha Defense Series Book 1)

Spencer Michaels is the youngest child of business power couple Randall Pierce-Michaels and Philip Michaels. Secret Agent Millionaire concludes the Michaels Legacy series and introduces us to Alpha Defense.
Spencer isn't like his older two siblings. He doesn't want to sit in an office and help run the family company. He wanted more out of life. And he'd found it with Alpha Defense, an agency made up of former military and law enforcement who would go in and get the job done when all others couldn't.
Jaime Shaw has been an officer on the Syracuse Police Department for years. The last two were searching for her missing sister. When she finds her body on the same shore as a murdered detective, she decides to find her killer and bring him to justice.
Spencer and Jaime work together. Try as they might not to feel the attraction for one another, one undercover mission leads them on their journey.
Welcome to Alpha Defense. Missions can be dangerous. Falling in love even more so.

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