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Accidental Demon Queen


Accidental Demon Queen 

Author: Molly Day

A reader best described Accidental Demon Queen by saying, “Molly Day delivers again with this fresh new take on demon lore! With charming, multi-layered characters and an often evolving complex storyline that focuses on inspirational interpersonal relationships and the power of sugar. This story will keep you giggling on the edge of your seat!”

Ordinary retail worker Amber Ford is simply trying to make it through each day while attempting to recover from a terrible romantic betrayal when she falls down the back of a cave into the lower realm, the land of demons. Immediately after arriving, she realizes that she fell into a binding magical marriage with none other than the demon king himself. 

Going home isn’t an option. Now what? She never wanted to get married after what happened with her ex-boyfriend!

Demon King Belzaraeth, on the other hand, is pleased with this unexpected turn of events. He ascended the throne young so the demon lords don’t take him seriously and try to take advantage of him at every possible turn. Including his marriage since demons marry for life.

He offers Amber a life of ease and luxury in return for acting like his queen at public events and, lacking better options, she accepts. With the help of her trusty new attendants, she does her best to adjust to her new home and ends up making a lot more waves than even her husband expected. 

Belzaraeth wasn’t interested in his wife as anything more than a shield at first but it doesn’t take him long to realize how valuable she can be. And as more than simply his queen. 

As they come to rely on each other as more than a means for survival, he begins to experience unfamiliar human emotions and she begins to realize that reliability isn’t better than love after all. Can an accidental marriage between a human and a demon become something more? 


Amber frowned. “I can’t rely on your generosity forever! I at least need a job or something.”

She already had one. This was as good a segue as he was going to get.

“You wish to have a job?”

“Well, yeah. If I’m stuck here, I need to earn my keep. I can’t be a guest forever. I don’t expect much. Anything will do! I know it’s a lot to ask though. You probably have too many servants already.”

“I have a better job for you. One that only you can do,” Belzaraeth said calmly despite his nerves.

“Because I’m human?”

“Yes. And because of the ring on your finger.”

“I don’t have a—” Amber looked down at her hand and her eyes widened. “When did that get there?!”

She truly hadn’t noticed? Was she too distracted by everything else that was going on? He supposed that she had been in shock.

“When you fell. It was what suspended you in midair,” Belzaraeth told her.

“I accidentally stole a magic ring?! I’m so sorry! Here, just let me…take it…it’s not coming off. Give me a second, I’ll get it!” Amber tried and failed several times before he even got the chance to explain why, reassuring him that she would get it off all the while.

“That ring is impossible to take off.”

“Say what now?”

“The job I need you to do. Only you can do it. That ring is full of my demonic essence. I made it so anyone with bad intentions would be unable to touch it. The ring chose you so I trust that you will be able to accomplish it well.”

Amber frowned as she squinted at her hand before looking up at him. “What is the job exactly?”

“It is a rather simple job. All you have to do is play your part during public appearances in exchange for a life of ease and luxury here in the palace. As I said, you will want for nothing.”

“…what part?”

“The part of the demon queen. That ring is impossible to take off because, according to demonic tradition, we were married the moment you put it on.”

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