Sunday, July 31, 2022

Meditation Bowls



Science-Based Sound Therapies

Discover the science behind singing bowls!

Our world is full of distractions that impact our physical well-being and rob us of our mental poise. But what if the answer was just as close at hand as the problem?

What if there was a simple, easy way for each of us to improve our physical and mental health?

The answer has been with us for thousands of years. Sound therapy offers a time-honored way to bring our natural physiological rhythms back into harmony. The West had largely forgotten about this wisdom until recently. Now, as Mariana Vilhena Da shows in her remarkable new book, we can experience the combined benefits of singing bowls and modern science.

Mary holds master’s degrees in biochemistry and pharmacology. As a healthcare professional, she served people in 20 countries. Her encounters with the healing traditions of various communities throughout the Americas led her on a journey to discover the tradition and science behind one of the most remarkable healing technologies ever invented: the simple yet enormously powerful singing bowl.

MEDITATION BOWLS introduces you to the history, the culture, and the science behind singing bowls. You will learn how singing bowls can help you discover your own personal path to greater mental and physical health, and how they can help you achieve your goals in everything you do.

You’ll learn that singing bowls can complement any healing tradition, even that of the science-hardened West. Singing bowls do not dictate your path or guide you along it. Instead, they support the vision and vitality needed for you to discover your own way toward more robust health and greater personal fulfillment.

  • Chapter One explores the origins of sound therapy in general and of singing bowls in particular. You’ll discover the history of singing bowls while learning how people have explored the connection between sound and wellness through the years.
  • Chapter Two describes the scientific evidence of singing bowls’ efficacy. Sound is a building block of consciousness. Mary offers a detailed yet approachable look at how singing bowls can significantly improve your mental and physical well-being, from improving immune function to combating the effects of stress.
  • Chapter Three explores the link between creativity and the state of our brainwaves, and goes on to show singing bowls provide us with the power to amplify our creative capabilities by directly influencing our brainwaves.
  • Chapter Four introduces you to the main types of singing bowls—detailing their strengths, their history, and step-by-step instructions on how to play them.
  • Chapter Five is all about singing bowls in practice. You’ll get precise and insightful instructions on how to use singing bowls to achieve specific effects, along with guided meditations that you can use right away.
  • Chapter Six concludes the book with a discussion of chakras, the body's natural energy centers. Mary didn’t leave her scientific skepticism at the door when she began to explore singing bowls. In this chapter, she offers a fresh, contemporary discussion of chakras as a powerful concept that can heighten the impact of both sound therapy and meditation.

Whether you aim to calm unwelcome mind-chatter with a 14-day of mindful meditation exercise or unleash your true creative potential with the power of sound, here, you will have all the necessary tools to do so.


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