Sunday, July 3, 2022

Here You Come: A Step-By-Step Guide to Learning How to Have Orgasms through Self-Care and Self-Love


Let’s talk about sex—specifically, the female orgasm.

If you’re ready to be more comfortable in your body and have a more satisfying sex life, but something’s just holding you back, this guide can help you! Sex—and orgasms—can be a difficult topic to discuss, but this guide offers ten easy-to-follow steps designed to help you live your best (sex) life. Included are physical and mental exercises for you to try—see what works best for you.
This guide tackles society’s impossible expectations for women and helps walk the reader through what we really want and need to find satisfaction.
You’ll learn so much from this book; including common misconceptions about orgasms, what mental blocks might be holding you back, and what you can do physically to better your odds of pleasure. Filled with positive ideas, self-love language, and body positivity, this really is the guide to loving yourself.

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