Friday, May 21, 2021

Riding The Waves of Sex Excitement In Your Life


Waiting for your Next Level of Sexual Excitement

We are creatures of patterns and our sex life is no stranger to this.  Our sexual excitement usually comes in waves.  There are times when we can't get enough and then their are times when we have less than over excited interest.  This doesn't mean their is anything wrong with us or our relationship but it challenges us to figure out how to balance this out for us and our partner when we are at different levels of sexual cycles.   There are many things you can do with you partner if you are at a low sexual excitement level and you can use your imagination to figure those things out or you can pick up a Sexy Challenge or two to help out.  The important thing to understand is that even though you are at a low in your sexual excitement pattern doesn't mean if is wrong for your partner to be at a high and that is where the balance needs to come in.  

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