Monday, May 31, 2021

Be Your True Self


Be your true self is a collection of different topics where the writer explains her unique point of view, trying to open a new insight to the world. Through this book, the neurodiverse mind of the writer finds expression in the outside world, that looks pretty hostile to her eyes. The topics treated are various and random, each topic has a start and an end without any connection with the next one. The topics treated are food, wellbeing, science, love, prison, sex, threesomes, anal, violence, family drama, hatred, random feelings, imaginary stories, art, canvases, pictures, quotes, psychology, acid reflux, death, romantic drama, trauma, parent awareness, and so much more. This ebook has been written to communicate a different way to observe life and inspire mankind to be more spontaneous and mindful at the same time, also it shows how there is nothing wrong with being angry and how sane it is to transform anger into dark texts where it is possible to acknowledge how our negative energies can be transformed into positive one thanks to the creativity of our powerful mind. Be your true self is an invitation towards people to face their fears and be more how they are without being scared of being judged, being genuine is the new future for a better humanity, kind to itself and the universe. Being straightforward is the way to communicate for a better understanding, which doesn't have to be confused with a lack of sincere kindness, which lays in the goals. Being your true self will allow you to have a deeper connection with who you are, more than what you think you are, improving the quality of yourself and your surroundings. You can't change the world, but you can be the change you want to see, get inspired. Welcome inside a neurodiverse perspective, enjoy your trip.


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