Saturday, June 27, 2020

Put Some Meditation In Your Relationship

Art of Forgiveness: 

Guide to Healing through Meditation

Art of Forgiveness is a self-coaching manual designed to engage your mind with self-remembrance visualization drills. This book has been developed as a mindfulness strength and conditioning training program designed to recalibrate your demeanor and expand your ability to counteract negative self-talk by dedicating mental devotion to family and friends.

Meditation cultivates an intimate relationship within yourself via various attention techniques (daily breathing techniques, thought management, and stillness modifications) - to train your inner state to become more aware, achieve mental clarity, and attain emotional calmness.

Traditional mindfulness instruction requires the practitioner to fixate their complete attention on nothingness or hypnotize themselves with a mantra until their mind wanders. This conventional method of concentration training easily breaks underneath a tidal wave of incessant, divergent, and convergent thoughts, obliterating your ability to remain still or attain presence.

What you can learn from this book:
• Healing meditations to establish and develop self-forgiveness
• Best exercises to recall, reflect, and release harmful memories
• Most effective ways to release stress and anxiety from the mind
• Unique methods to liberate difficult mental and emotional states
• Expert options for choosing the best meditation technique for you

This book will help you restore balance to your life and help you recognize the beauty of any given moment in an everyday chaotic world. The lessons of self-reflection will help you observe your thoughts, identify negative mental blocks, and areas for growth.

Transform feelings of vengeance, guilt, shame, and resentment into a composed state of equanimity.  Evolve beyond the current limitations of your disposition by strengthening your focus and attention. Adapt to the present moment in a way that provides you a wealth of mental stability, emotional capacity, and the ability to remain undisturbed.

Using easy to learn lessons, Art of Forgiveness will teach you how to become more comfortable in your being by forgiving the past, focusing on loved ones, and enjoy newly-found moments of peace.

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