Saturday, June 13, 2020

Fruit In Your Cereal?

Fruit in your Cereal?

Maybe I am the odd duck but I have never ever put fruit in my cereal?  I don't eat much cereal now but when I was a kid almost everyday I ate cereal and never ever had fruit in it.  Yet ever picture I see of cereal has fruit in it.  Are they trying to make the cereal look healthy or more sexy with lively colors?  There is no doubt that fruit is good for us, but I am curious how many people have fruit in their cereal?  Plus how often do you have fruit in your cereal?  Funny how my ind works when I get stuck on something.  I feel if fruit was a requirement for cereal consumption they would have found a way to create it so it is already in the cereal when you pout it into your bowl.  Does the fruit companies have a secret pact with cereal manufacturers to include fruit in all advertisements?  Maybe fruit is the organized crime of the food world.... okay I got to stop you see how my mind goes!

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