Thursday, June 7, 2018

Ride the Rodeo Goat For Your Next Date Night

2836 Bledsoe & Currie
Ft. Worth, Texas 76107

If you are looking for someone place interesting and hip to take your date in the Fort Worth, TX area, then you need to check out RODEO GOAT.

This place is simply a burger joint but it has more flair than you can ever imagine.  Nestled on a back street just off of the famous 7th Street in downtown Fort Worth, the Rodeo Goat is a gem of a place to take a date.  You get to choose from the most interesting burgers on the planet.  Burgers like The Sugar Burger, The Blue Goat, Hot Bastard, and The Neil Young.  They also have a wide range of burgers for you Veggie people like the Redheaded Stranger.  

The laid back atmosphere here is incredible and really opens up the conversation with all the intestine pictures and items on the walls.  Plus the burgers are something to write home about.  Believe me when I tell you that you will not be disappointed when you take your next date to the Rodeo Goat.  

They also have locations in Dallas and Houston for those not in the Fort Worth Area.

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