Friday, March 23, 2018

ME Breath

  • This technique you are getting ― called The ME Breath ― is a maneuver that gives you everlasting stamina and enhanced sexual energy between you and your lady…
  • This body-based technique is rooted in ancient Taoist and Tantric sexual energy practices updated for the sensational 21st-century lover…
  • Gives you true “Ejaculatory Choice.” You’ll last as long as you want, and have a powerful, extra-satisfying, explosive climax only when she wants you to, and not a minute sooner. 
  • Do this technique in one-fluid motion during intercourse without having to think about it. 
  • When your lover sees how hot and turned on you are for her, she will surrender herself to you completely body, heart, and soul…
  • The ME Breath is the foundational sex technique that gives you everlasting stamina, the ability to trigger a woman’s vaginal orgasms, and experience multiple male orgasms.

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