Sunday, March 18, 2018

Just a Hint of Sexiness Please

Sometimes Just a Hint of Sexiness is Enough
 Sometimes we are bombarded with sexiness!  When that happens nothing is left to the imagination.  We are forced to view what someone else thinks is sexy and that isn't always good.  Sometimes we just want to see sexy and that is okay.  However, I am of the old school where I want my mind to wander a little and give me images that turn me on!  I want to think about how sexy it can be and how many twists and turns there can be to a sexy scenario.  I want to my mind to be full of sexiness until the time it is ready to experience it.  Our mind is one of the sexiest organs on our body and it can take us places we can only imagine.  So in a world that is slapping you in the face with sexuality, take some time to check out the thinks that are a little more subtle and let your mind take care of creating the sexy images!

Sexy Challenges also make your mind to the work!  

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