Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Men Why Wear A Bracelet?

Men why should we wear a bracelet?  Obviously style comes to mind first.  In our desire to be trendy and look amazing we can adorn ourselves with amazing items.  There is a much deeper reason however.  Bracelets can hold energy and allow us to carry it around with us during our day.  Love is a powerful force and it can constantly be charging us up when we wear a bracelet that together with ur partner we have charged with love.  A bracelet also carries the energy of the person that created it, so it is important to wear hand made bracelets so that we can also gain the energy the person that made the bracelet put into this offering.  So wearing a bracelet is much more than a fashion statement it is a signal to the universe the you are a conductor of love and energy.  

33 Rayons is a great place to look for a bracelet that will fit your love and energy levels.  

My purpose with this collection of mens jewelry is to make the finest quality mens bracelet for a reasonable price. Materials that I use in all bracelets are first class gemstones combined with pure Sterling Silver findings. Please note that all designs are my own creation, unique to 33-RAYONS, you won't find it anywhere else. 

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