Monday, November 2, 2015

A Simple Stamp Can Do So Much For Our Veterans - Please Help


Publically ask Postmaster General & Congress to create a new fundraising stamp called Stamp Out PTSD to Honor Veterans

In July of this year, 56 members of Congress wrote the US Postmaster a letter asking her to support a new fundraising stamp to help Veterans. The postal service wrote back declining to take action, saying they were afraid a new stamp would hurt sales on existing semi-postals. The USPS should be a part of a solution to help our nation's heroes with PTSD. I don't believe they know how much public support there is for this project & that is why I am requesting your help.
In addition to Congress, many cities & towns across our great land have added their consent thru written resolutions & proclamations. Governors & Mayors have written letters of support & thousands of Americans have added their names to Garland Denny's petition at
Published Date: Oct 28, 2015

Now You Can Help This Cause
Go to the links below and give your Support
find out more about this effort here :

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