Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Why Do People Have Commitment Issues?

Why do people have commitment issues?  There is usually some reason, some fear, or maybe it ends up being that they just don't love the person they are involved with.  The commitment issues don't have to be only in a relationship, do you know someone that can't commit to a job, or a place to live or even a college.   There are all kinds of commitment issues out there some people won't even use the same shampoo over and over again.  What type of commitment issue to you have?  I am sure most of us have one or two commitment issues. 

Stop Dating Losers:  

Are you dating losers? Do you have a man that is not willing to commit to a lasting relationship? Is he still "just a friend" when you want more? Do you have to initiate everything? Or is he cheating on you? Understand this - IT IS NOT YOUR FAULT! There is a solution to understand why your man is acting the way he does and this will teach you to do just one simple thing to change all of that. He will stop "dragging his feet" and will declare his undying love for you. 

Find out how:

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