Thursday, November 29, 2012

Where Does Sex Rank In Your Relationship?

There are many different views on how important sex is in a relationship.   Today we allow many things to come before sex in our relationships.  I even saw one page that said over half the couples today don't view sex an important part of relationship.  That is crazy.  Going back to India and their powerful divine mother they claim that there are five enjoyments for the divine mother.  Those include Meat, Fish, Grain, Wine, and Maithuna (Sexual Magic).  What does that say?  It tells me that those of ancient times had a better understanding of what we need than the people of today.  It seems so simple to me that intimacy is a major part of our life and an important one.  However, you have to understand that you must put sexual intimacy in a much different light than just purely physical.  Once you understand that your sexual intimacy should rank right up there with what we consider the necessary things to support life, you will gain a clearer picture of how magical sex can be!


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