Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Sex Is Sacred & Should Always Be So

I don't care what you call it - sex, lovemaking, nooky, getting busy, intimate play, and so on.  It should be a sacred event between you and your lover.  Oh, and I don't care if you are a heterosexual couple or a same sex couple.  This is about honoring your bodies, your souls, and your blended spirit.

It doesn't need to be all soft and romantic all of the time.  It can be hot and powerful too.  But, the point is that it should be sacred.  This is a special time between the two of you and if done with intent and focus can manifest beautiful things into your lives.  

Don't let your (or someone else's) religious beliefs keep you from exploring possibilities in your sexual relationship with your partner.  When you are both comfortable (or only slightly stepping out of your comfort zone) then more power to you.  

Go for it.  Have a mind-blowing experience and honor one another!
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