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The Modern Pantheon: Musical Artists as Future Deities

Billy Idol as an Actual Idol
Billy Idol As An Actual Idol

The Modern Pantheon: Musical Artists as Future Deities

In a future thousands of years from now, when historians and archaeologists look back on our time, they may see our musical artists as the gods and deities of modern society. Icons like Billy Idol and David Lee Roth, who have left indelible marks on our culture, could be revered much like the mythological figures of ancient civilizations. Here's a fascinating exploration of how these artists might be perceived in the distant future.

1. Cultural Impact and Myth Creation

Just as ancient gods represented various aspects of life and nature, our musical icons symbolize different facets of human experience and emotion. Billy Idol, with his punk rock persona and rebellious energy, could be seen as a deity of defiance and self-expression. His music, characterized by its raw intensity and infectious hooks, would be the sacred hymns that energize the spirit of the faithful.

David Lee Roth, the charismatic frontman of Van Halen, might be worshipped as the god of exuberance and vitality. His electrifying stage presence and hedonistic lifestyle embody the pursuit of joy and freedom. Future generations might tell tales of his legendary performances and larger-than-life persona, elevating him to a status akin to Dionysus, the ancient Greek god of wine and ecstasy.

2. Symbolism and Iconography

The imagery associated with these artists will play a crucial role in their deification. Billy Idol's signature snarl, leather jackets, and peroxide-blonde hair could become powerful symbols representing rebellion against conformity. Statues and shrines might depict him in iconic poses, with worshippers donning similar attire as a form of homage.

David Lee Roth’s high-flying acrobatics and flamboyant costumes would be immortalized in art and sculpture, symbolizing the heights of human potential and the celebration of individuality. His influence on fashion and performance could be reflected in ceremonial garb and rituals performed in his honor.

3. Rituals and Worship

In this future society, festivals and ceremonies dedicated to these musical deities could become annual traditions. Billy Idol’s followers might celebrate a festival of anarchy, where music and dance break the monotony of everyday life, encouraging participants to embrace their inner rebels. This celebration could be marked by public performances of his greatest hits, re-enactments of his concerts, and community events centered around themes of liberation and nonconformity.

David Lee Roth’s devotees might gather for grand celebrations filled with music, dance, and extravagant displays of acrobatics. These festivals could honor his legacy with tribute performances, competitions in athletic prowess, and elaborate parties that capture the essence of his spirited lifestyle.

4. Legends and Stories

Just as ancient myths are passed down through generations, the stories of Billy Idol and David Lee Roth will be told and retold, growing more legendary with each retelling. Future storytellers might weave fantastical tales of Billy Idol’s rise to fame, his battles against the forces of mediocrity, and his eternal quest for authenticity.

David Lee Roth’s exploits could become epic sagas, filled with daring adventures, dramatic concerts, and encounters with other legendary figures of the music world. These stories would serve to inspire and entertain, preserving the essence of their characters for millennia.

5. The Legacy of Music

Ultimately, the music itself will be the sacred scripture of this future religion. Billy Idol's anthems of rebellion and individuality, and David Lee Roth’s exuberant odes to freedom and joy, will be studied and revered as holy texts. Their lyrics, melodies, and performances will provide guidance, comfort, and inspiration to future generations, ensuring that their legacy endures as long as humanity cherishes the power of music.


As we ponder the future and the ways in which our current culture will be remembered, it’s fascinating to imagine musical artists like Billy Idol and David Lee Roth being elevated to the status of deities. Their influence on our lives, their embodiment of timeless ideals, and the powerful emotions they evoke through their art make them prime candidates for this kind of veneration. In the distant future, their music and personas might not just be remembered—they could be worshipped. 

David Lee Roth as a Deity
David Lee Roth as a Deity

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