Thursday, May 16, 2024

Steamy Punk (Esmeralda & Escarlata)


Steamy Punk (Esmeralda & Escarlata)

Three intertwining erotic tales from the Esmeralda & Escarlata universe, Steamy Punk is a novella centering on:

  • Mai, an exotic dancer struggling to survive in the seedy Shadow District underbelly beneath Liberty, as she sneaks into one of the Hawkmoth Syndicate nightclub afterparties to save her kidnapped sister from human traffickers.
  • Anaya, a techno-terrorist leading a crew of misfits to try and thwart the rising threat of AI in the crystal-powered cyberpunk city of Commune, as she undertakes a mission to infiltrate the Sexbots Inc. factory.
  • Bella, a newly ordained dominatrix-nun in the Domina Divina sisterhood that rules the gothic kingdom of Dominion, who is recruited by High-Sister Piety to spy on one of the Desert Barons plotting a coup.
As they pursue their goals, discovering unexpected alliances and growing dangers along the way — not to mention all kinds of steamy excitement — their three storylines will converge in a surprising finale.

Steamy Punk takes place shortly before the events of Esmeralda & Escarlata, serving as a world-building prequel. Mai, Anaya and Bella will also play a part later in the plot of the ongoing main series, so if you enjoy Steamy Punk, stay tuned.

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