Sunday, August 27, 2023

Manifest a Sugar Daddy


Ask, believe, and manifest your very own sugar daddy—and color your way into the lap of luxury!

Have you always dreamed of driving a fancy sports car, dining at the finest establishments, and wearing designer outfits?

Do you agree with Marilyn Monroe that diamonds are a girl’s best friend—and would you like to drip a bit of your own ice?

Are you tired of struggling to pay off your student loan, or worried about the stack of unpaid bills on your desk?

If so, perhaps you dream of meeting a sugar daddy—someone who takes care of the bills and ushers you into a sparkling life filled with riches and glamour.

You know how powerful your mind is, and you believe in the power of manifestations.

And you’re right to do so.

Recent research has shown that there is a powerful link between affirmations and big physical and mental gains in interpersonal relationships.

Manifest the life you want while benefiting from the stress-relieving effects of mindfulness by coloring in each of the beautiful illustrations and affirmations in this book.

Within its pages, you will discover:

  • 40+ manifestations for coloring—featuring affirmations to help you find a sugar daddy who will be happy to pay all your bills
  • Blank pages after every illustration to create your own beautiful designs and affirmations
  • Intricate illustrations filled with beautiful, calming, nature-inspired themes such as plants and flowers
  • Positive affirmations that promote qualities like gratefulness, positive thinking, and self-confidence
  • How to value yourself, so you can attract a loving man with deep pockets
  • The key you’ve been missing to feel loved, appreciated, and pampered
  • Why loving yourself leads you to attract high-value individuals

And so much more.

Your friends may say that it’s impossible to find your King Charming.

They tell you that wealthy men are a rarity, and that you don’t move in the same circles as them.

Yet history is filled with rags-to-riches stories, and you can meet the man of your dreams in the place you least expect! 

But you have to want it, dream it, and envision it.

If you dream of attracting a wealthy, loving, and caring man who can’t resist your unique brilliance and charisma.

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