Sunday, January 8, 2023

How is Running Changing Your Life?



  • Are you a runner looking for a  new way to track your progress? 🏃

  • Introducing the runner journal! 📓

  • Designed with a beautiful hardbound cover, this journal features daily and weekly reflections to track and review your progress. 📊

  • With this journal, you can set quantifiable and qualitative targets to improve your health and reach your running goals. 🎯

  • Get started on your running journey today! 🏃‍♀️

Running can have a dramatic impact on your life in a variety of ways. Recording qualitative rather than quantitative progress is one of the greatest ways to learn about yourself.

We are usually motivated quantitatively (i.e., intensity, duration, frequency, distance, and so on.) through the limitless gadgets and apps we have become addicted to.

However, how many times have you gone beyond the numbers to assess your qualitative running improvements? You may notice a lot of things about yourself while running, but what is it like? What are the benefits, and what life changes does it bring? We may also be inspired by running. Running can inspire you to feel more comfortable with your own skin, take pride in your accomplishments, and appreciate the beauty of nature.

That is what this Journal is all about!

The Journal structure is as follows. You can record the quantifiable and qualitative targets on the 'All I Want to Accomplish' pages, such as the races you are preparing for and your goals. What do you think you'll gain from them?
You can also set targets to improve your health, such as weight loss, diabetes control, anxiety reduction, and better sleep. This Journal is divided into daily reflections, weekly reflection summaries, monthly reflection summaries, and a couple of empty pages at the end to add more reflections.
This Journal will be a triannual publication to improve portability and maximise consistency.

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