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Taut Band Treatment: The Ultimate Way to Relieve Pain


Taut Band Treatment:

The Ultimate Way to Relieve Pain

Despite an abundant literature dealing with pain of muscular origin, it is still not clear what the exact source of pain is. Accordingly, the most effective and fundamental remedy to identify and eliminate the source of pain is yet to be ascertained. As a result, there are a great number of people worldwide who are being plagued by pain and not sure of the source despite various conventional pain treatment methods. This book addresses musculoskeletal pain that is not associated with any disease and is the primary symptom of myofascial pain which originates from taut bands at the core of myofascial trigger points.

What distinguishes this book from all others is that this book focused on taut bands at the core of trigger points as the physical source of pain while all others focus on trigger points. Existing conventional pain treatment methods including trigger point dry needling cannot be as effective as they could be when you do not know exactly what to look for in terms of the physical characteristics of target taut bands at the core of trigger points.

If you have not been diagnosed with any disease and yet pain still persists to torment you, you should not rule out the possibility that your pain could be attributable to the development of taut bands caused by muscular overload from excessive or persistent tension in the muscle fiber and/or fascia. Four most common causes for the formation of taut bands are:

  • Prolonged repetitive posture (regardless of good or bad)
  • Prolonged repetitive use of the same muscle
  • Abrupt overexertion of muscle
  • External impact by accidents

This book mainly consists of two parts. Part I of this book sets forth what it takes to be able to identify and eliminate taut bands from a physical and myological perspective. Part I will take those readers who treat or intend to treat pain through elaborate procedures named as Taut Band Treatment (TBT), which will enable complete identification and elimination of the physical source of pain.

Part II of this book discloses a total of 63 clinical cases with corresponding illustrations, which demonstrate how musculoskeletal pains that could not be relieved by existing conventional pain treatment methods can be eliminated by TBT. Readers can refer to the clinical cases that are relevant to the kind of pain that they suffer for self-treatment. Part II will be an easy self-help guide for anyone who is suffering from musculoskeletal conditions and not sure of the source to be able to exit the pain at last.

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