Saturday, December 4, 2021

Stoner Coloring Book


Stoner Coloring Book:

Trippy Psychedelic Coloring Book for Adults for Weed Cannabis and Mushrooms Lovers | Marijuana Gifts & 420 Accessories | Stress Relieving & Relaxation 

Totally unique book!
Would you like to grab some ''buds'', eat junk food and get lost in psychedelic trip?
It is the best place for you!
If you don't smoke, it's okay because these pages are great for everyone who like to color.

This stoner coloring book includes 20 very psychedelic coloring pages that have been done by professional artist especially for this book, so you won't find them in any other book.

Incredibly chilling illustrations to settle down and get relaxation in stoner's psychedelic dream.
All illustrations are of high quality and have a lot of details.

Use your imagination and create something special. Perfect Stoner's Gift!

Product details:

  • 44 pages
  • 20 high quality coloring pages
  • Title and color test page
  • Black pages with 420 theme so that the crayons do not show through to the other page.
  • Size 8.5''x11''
  • Soft glossy cover


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