Wednesday, November 3, 2021

CEO's Personal Assistant


Ceo's Personal Assistant

She has a no work relationship policy. He’s a billionaire who gets what he wants. Will their hot passion lead them down the road to love?

Page’s dreams come crashing when she loses her job. After many failed attempts, she finally lands a job under a handsome hunk. But when her most wealthy bachelor boss is more interested in her than her work, she struggles to break her no office relationship policy.

Mega-wealthy billionaire Cross never had time for love or women until the moment his stunning new assistant sets his heart on fire. But he’s dismayed when she refuses to see him as nothing else but a boss. He would turn the world upside down to win her heart.

Despite her burning desire for her boss, Page struggles to break her beliefs. With a chemistry that sets the world ablaze, Cross is determined to make her his own.

When Cross reveals a secret that will break her heart, will their new found love pass the test?

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