Tuesday, October 5, 2021

Blood Hunt


Blood Hunt

(Tyrus Bloodcoat series)

Tyrus Bloodcoat has been summoned to Mars by his boss, Lucy Morningstar. While he doesn’t know what it is she needs him for, Tyrus knows anything to do with Lucy is bound to go from bad to worse.  

Blood Hunt is set on the first and currently only city on Mars, Hell Gate, several centuries into the future. Follow along with Tyrus as what is only the beginnings of his troubles on Mars starts to unfold. Along the adventure, you’ll meet Inspector Rianne Chase, a woman whose soul is slowly being eaten away by a demon. Find out what will happen when her world overlaps with Tyrus’s and she learns of her fate.  

This is the first book in the Tyrus Bloodcoat series. A series of paranormal fantasy novels with a science fiction setting.


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