Sunday, September 5, 2021

Walter: A Spanking From Monica


Eighteen-year-old Walter has just come into adulthood but is very sexually na├»ve. His mother spoilt him all of his life, so he’s never had to lift a finger. However, she has also sheltered him a little too much it seems. Her lifelong friend, Monica, a beautiful sexy woman in her thirties has always told his mother that Walter needs a good spanking. His mother never agreed to such a plan. However, when his mother and father insist on leaving him in Monica’s care for six weeks while they go on holiday, things might be about to change. Walter is due to go to university, but Monica feels he needs to learn a few life lessons. It seems she is determined to teach them to him. Walter also has a fascination with Monica’s pretty feet. Will Walter finally get the spanking she feels he deserves? Will he discover his own sexuality? Find out the answers to these questions and more, as Monica takes Walter firmly in hand.

Contains explicit adult themes, foot fetish scenes and adult consensual spanking.
The first in a 5 book series


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