Saturday, August 21, 2021


I had everything I ever wanted.

Everything but him.

I had everything I thought I ever wanted.

I had a successful husband who spoiled me with the finer things in life.

I had the best son anyone could ask for. 

I had a thriving business of my own, fancy cars, a nice home.

What I didn't have was him.

I thought I could pretend.

I thought if I made everyone around me believe I was happy, I actually would be.

I was wrong.

I've lived the last eighteen years of my life on a stage, making sure my mask never slipped and revealed the truth.

But then, everything came crashing down around me, my perfect world no longer perfect.

When my past walked through the door of my bakery, I knew everything was destined to change.

He's not like the rest of my audience.

He pushed me to feel, to explore, to drop the act I've kept up for far too long.

And when everything else is stripped away, only the truth remains.

Will we get our happy ending or is the truth too much to overcome?

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