Sunday, December 20, 2020

Candii Kayn


A BBW weight gain story, a curvy girl romance. A beautiful young woman decides that she wants a curvier figure, and with the help of her fiance she begins to gain weight. The bigger she gets, the sexier she feels, but will she end up biting off more than she can chew? 

This is the story of curvage model Candii Kayn. Read all about how she came to love her curves, and get a sexy glimpse into what her future might hold...

"Before coming to Greece, Candy knew that she wanted to get thicker and curvier for sure. She was tired of being the little petite girl she had always been and she loved the idea of having a huge round ass, and seeing her boobs get bigger, and maybe exploring her fantasies with her soon to be husband more frequently, but now she was feeling something entirely different. The feeling of being stuffed to the brim and eating without a care in the world made her feel so good she was almost aroused. If she had any doubts about wanting to gain weight before, now they were gone. Now she was sure, and it was more than just eating whatever she wanted, whenever she wanted. It was eating for a purpose, eating to gain weight, eating to get fat, eating to feel as excited and sexy as she felt right now at that very moment."

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