Monday, November 2, 2020

Searlus and the Sailor: A beauty and the beast story for adults

Searlus and the Sailor: 

A beauty and the beast story for adults

No one in the Kingdom really knows what their King looks like. Though many have been in his presence, everyone soon forgets their time at the castle once they pass the castle gates. It's been said that he is an experiment gone wrong, a chimaera with a beastly form that no one, even those granted payment for their company, has been able to stomach. That is until a handsome, but despondent sailor shows up at his door. Andre Belle Dubois never expected to stay in his majesty's castle for six months! And she especially didn't expect to fall in love with a beast! You'd think that a formal courtship with His Majesty would make declaring one's feelings easy. But the crass and very unladylike sailor keeps ruining her chances. Just when Belle’s figured it all out, a coup brews on the outskirts of the Kingdom and threatens her happily-ever-after. Intensely romantic and deliciously taboo, Searlus and the Sailor is a Beauty and the Beast retelling unlike any other, capturing the struggles of not fitting in and the courage it takes to love someone whom society deems unworthy of it.


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