Sunday, October 18, 2020

Haunted Date Nights


The Haunted Date Night

Want something exciting and unusual to do on your next date night?  Why not explore a haunted building.  Now I am not talking one of these haunted attractions that pop up around Halloween where they focus on jumping out and scaring you with people dressed up.  I am suggesting going to visit a house that has actually had paranormal activity documented.  Every state has haunted locations and many of which you can access by a tour or the ability to walk around.  The image above is of the Stanley Hotel in Colorado and it allows you to walk the grounds and even explore the first floor lobby.  I have been to the Stanley and it is a wonderful experience, others I have visited include The Winchester Mystery House, The Whaley House, the Baker Hotel, and many many more.  These haunted dates spark some amazing conversation and gives you both something to share with your family and friends.  Yes, they will think you are nuts but that isn't all bad.  


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