Saturday, September 26, 2020

A Cowboy Billionaire Sister's Ranch Wedding


A Cowboy Billionaire Sister's Ranch Wedding
Hornsby Hill Ranch Book 1

Hayden Hornsby had dedicated his life to helping raise his brothers and sister, and run the ranch alongside his grandfather. If you ever tangled with the Hornsby's, you would know that they weren't ones to fool with. They're rich— powerful — pretty dang smart too— but the thing about it is— people believed they operated on some kind of curse.

Jemma, Hayden's sister, was ready to get married to Dustin Greenwich. Dustin's mama never really cared too much for the Hornsby's. She felt like they thought they were too good for anybody. In a way, they were like the Montagues and the Capulets— their feud wasn't as intense— but Lisa Greenwich made it seem like their families were forbidden to be together. It was insane the number of things Jemma and Dustin had to endure so that they could be together.

So why in the hell of all the girls Hayden had to fall for— he had to pick, Jessica Greenwich. The one-woman, Jemma, did not deem good enough for him—and he was the one man her mother didn't want near her daughter.


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