Sunday, August 30, 2020

Sex Shamans: True Stories of Sacred Sexuality and Awakening

Sex Shamans: 

True Stories of Sacred Sexuality and Awakening

Secret Lives of Sex Shamans is a radical collection of over twenty original essays by international leaders in the emerging field of sexual shamanism. Each story not only exposes details of their personal growth journey but their professional calling to become a modern sexual healer. These stories weave theory and practices from traditional tantra, feminism, queer theory, and the postmodern sexual liberation movement. If you’ve been curious about the temple arts and want to learn practices to help you grow spiritually or sexually, this book is a must-read. It offers 20 practical exercises and proposes a revolutionary new worldview wherein sex and spirit lead us towards embodied enlightenment. 

Specific Teachings include:
Experiencing Ecstacy as medicine
Sex Magic for Manifestation
Rescripting core wounds
Emotional Release Work
& Death as a doorway to Life

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