Wednesday, July 15, 2020

Never Ending Motivation

Motivation is such a powerful force in our world. It drives us to do great things, lifts us up when we feel down and kicks us in the butt when we need it. The issue with motivation is that it needs to keep being recharged. This book is my first step in my Constant Motivation Technique to keep your motivation flowing.

How many times have you listen to many of the great motivational speakers that are out there and you come out of that talk super pumped. Only to have that motivation wane or drop off as you get back into daily life and the wind that it knocks out of you. I have repeat this cycle so many times over the course of my life that I wanted to do something about it. This book keeps your motivated by feeding you bite size motivation over and over again. Each motivation in this book is designed to be read and digested over a weeks time. Putting that motivation into your the process of your life and sharing its power with all those around you. Then the next week a new motivation is waiting for you so that you don’t fall into the valley that so often follows the motivational highs.  

Imagine spreading the energy you have after coming out of a motivational lecture or weekend event over a years time. Constantly refilling your motivational tank with gas to keep moving down the motivational road. This process keeps your motivation gradually moving toward a new high all the time, instead of using the old peaks and valley method of motivation. This book is alway here for you when you feel down or your motivation starts to wane. However it also picks you up even higher when you are riding the motivation highs. This book is a lifetime motivational journey that I am super happy to be on with you.  

The base book has a series of short simple motivational message inside. As you read each one you need to sit with it and see how you can put it into your life and use it to keep yourself motivationally moving forward. The beauty of this book is that the motivations never end each month a series of new motivation message are added creating the never ending book and never ending motivation. The beauty is you only have to purchase the book once, there is no extra cost to get the new motivations all you have to do is refresh the book.  

“There is no shortage of motivation in the world, only the lack of focus” 
- Rob Alex, Ph.D.

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