Thursday, March 19, 2020

Coronavirus is not an STD...But

Coronavirus and Sex

Good news is that coronavirus is not a STD with that being said if someone has Coronavirus and you are having sex with them the human to human contact could cause you to get the virus.  That means you should still error on the side of safety and maybe not enjoy a lovely romp in the the hay with someone infected.  Now if you can't control yourself you could safeguard yourself but wearing a mask and gloves while having sex, and now it is starting to get kinky.   

Although we are joking about this Sexy Challenges does want you to stay healthy and protect yourself from any infection.  You know how you are suppose to wash your hands all the time now, think about doing your entire body after having sex, it is a good practice to get into anyway.  

Also be Sexy and Safe my Friends. 

and for when you are feeling better.

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