Friday, February 14, 2020

The Graveyard

The Graveyard

If you can get past the Hollywood scare tactics of zombies and ghosts rising from the graves you will find the the graveyard is a very spiritual place.  The energy of love is flowing over the. top in these spots as many times a year a group of people come to pay the final message of earthy love to a loved one or friend.  While these people are sad that the person has moved on in their minds they are remembering all the great memories of that person.  So it is a spiritual place with balance where all the emotions come to embrace and dance with each other.  This makes the energy of the graveyard amazing.  Many feel this energy and think it is something dark or the dead reaching out to touch them.  In essence it is touch but a loving one from beyond this earthy state.  

I encourage you to go walk in a graveyard sometime and read the headstones and pay homage to the energy that is there.  Only the bodies or vessels lay beneath your feet the soul and spirit are flying high along with all the love and compassion from those they have shared life with this souls and spirits.  

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