Sunday, January 5, 2020

Really A Book Burning!!!

Recently I got a message from a person that wanted to let me know that they burned a book that I was co-author on called, The Big Black Book of Sex Positions.  My first thought was someone actually burned my book, and I was appalled.  I could not have imagined someone purchasing a book that I put hard work into and then burning it.  That seemed so primate and middle ages to me.  Then I tried to put a positive spin on it, thinking maybe they had no heat in their house and the burning of books was to keep their family warm. No matter how hard I tried to make something up that seemed positive it didn't work.  So I sat with this all night and then...

That is when I realized some thing, if they purchased my book they have ever right to burn it!  I let go of the thought that they were burning my personal property and allowed myself to be okay with it.  You see their freedom of speech allows them the right to have their opinion of my book even if that meant burning it.  So I am now at peace with it.  I actually responded to this person and told them that if they felt that strongly about it they should see if they can get a million people to purchase my book and burn it.  

So, I hope they take up that challenge and appreciate that we have the freedom of speech here.  In that process I am sure that many of those people might find The Big Black Book of Sex Positions very helpful and instead of burning it using it to set their relationship on fire again!  

IF you are curious the book is listed below and I am okay with you picking up a copy to either help your relationship or if you want to make a statement and burn it.  Peace be with us all and be thankful we live in a place where we can express our opinions.   

Within this accessible and approachable guide, you’ll find exciting and steamy sex positions like Bottoms Up, The Joyride, The Lotus, Spread Eagle, as well as more than twenty less-frequent, but more adventurous sexual topics and positions. You’ll also discover sections about foreplay, toys, setting the mood, exercises to improve your performance and flexibility, why size only matters when it’s wrong, and many other burning topics that are often overlooked. 

Get ready to take your sex life to a whole-new level with The Big Black Book of Sex Positions.

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