Tuesday, November 19, 2019

Unwanted Errections

When we are young men we could have an erection at the most inappropriate time.  As we age and our libido slips a little as well as our blood flow, all erections seem wanted.  So young men reading this out there appreciate your unwanted erections for one day you could possibly miss them. 

Get the book that helps create erections. 

Within this accessible and approachable guide, you’ll find exciting and steamy sex positions like Bottoms Up, The Joyride, The Lotus, Spread Eagle, as well as more than twenty less-frequent, but more adventurous sexual topics and positions. You’ll also discover sections about foreplay, toys, setting the mood, exercises to improve your performance and flexibility, why size only matters when it’s wrong, and many other burning topics that are often overlooked. 

Get ready to take your sex life to a whole-new level with The Big Black Book of Sex Positions.

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