Wednesday, May 1, 2019

Pregnancy Mindset Transformation

The pregnancy book that goes deeper.

Experience a pregnancy mindset TRANSFORMATION with the scientific background and 13 action step chapters presented in the book.

In this science-based book learn about:

The Power of your Environment in Part I
The Power of your Mind in Part II
The Power of Taking Action in Part III

Do you want to learn about the easiest and probably most influential step one can take on their pregnancy journey? Make use of your mind’s potential with easy mental strategies and habits!

Science proves how using the mind can support a healthy pregnancy and baby, increase happiness, and let go of anxieties and fear.
The book goes beyond mindfulness and meditation and provides insights on why our mindset is of importance for a healthy baby and raises awareness of our environment and the input our thoughts get. It delves into the relevance of mindset, values, self-image, and much more.
You are guided to create a health and happiness supporting mindset. And this is not rocket science.
The book is for pregnant women, especially first-time moms or women who plan to conceive, who are willing to invest in their mind now for an even smoother and easier pregnancy and parenting journey in the long run. The complete guide, which inspires to take action and make use of the mind’s potential, can lead to a true transformation. Not only do the strategies have the power to prevent depression during pregnancy and postpartum, but they also increase happiness levels and life satisfaction.

Use the power of the mind when you are expecting or want to get pregnant soon. Mindset is crucial in all areas of life. This is true for pregnancy as well, where it impacts the body and baby through the nervous and hormonal systems.

According to the Dalai Lama it is our mind that determines our HAPPINESS, far more than our circumstances.

Get inspired and create your individual Baby Mindset with the help of this book!

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