Saturday, March 23, 2019

The Best Sex Secrets

The Best Sex Secrets

The best sex secrets are ones that you can't tell anyone about.  When your sex get so hot that even after it is over you only want to keep it between you and your lover is something special.  Bragging about your Sex Life isn't cool put being proud of your great sexual experience is.  There are some things you need to keep just between you and your lover and the best sex you have is that secret.   I know as men it has always been part of the culture that men share the details, but you know that isn't true.  Most of those stories are made up, the true amazing sexual experiences for men are kept deep inside and only shared with the lover they shared that experience with.  

So what secrets are you harboring?  It's okay don't tell me I want you to allow them to keep turning yourself on as you think about them.  

Time to get your Sexy On!  

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