Thursday, February 14, 2019

Why Super Bowl 53 is Creating a Bad Relationship with NFL Fans

Why Super Bowl 53 is Causing a Bad Relationship with NFL Fans

Super Bowl 53 has come an went and so did all the excitement that usually surrounds a Super Bowl.  Besides Patriots fans the general public is tired of the Patriots dynasty between their great players and the cheating that always sounds them.  Even the commercials were lack luster and didn't create excitement.  Even Adam Levine taking off his shirt didn't hardly create a buzz.  

Sorry NFL but you are creating a bad, boring, no spark relationship with your fans.  We expect more from the biggest stage in the world.  So I am offering my services as a relationship expert to help you create that spark again with your fans. 

It seems like the last few years the season has been high flying with lots of scoring and then the Super Bowl throws out a defensive dual that while it good football strategic football, doesn't get the fans excited at all.  NFL if you are listening you need to make a change and do it now before your hold on the Super Bowl being the worlds largest stage goes away.  

Bring back the romance, the passion the fireworks.  You have to get the fans excited again.  Just like in any relationship you have to work to keep it fresh,  So start looking now at what you can change for next year to make each kiss, hug and intimate encounter with the fans memorable.  

As a football fan I will be waiting and hoping not to get excited about the Super Bowl again.  

Peace and Love,
Rob at Sexy Challenge 

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