Wednesday, November 21, 2018

Lost In Your Mind

Do you ever just get lost in your mind.  Where you dive into your thoughts so deeply that you seem to loose track of time and all that is going on around you.  Maybe it is cause by a sexual experience or maybe falling in love, but something makes you search the deep corners of your mind.  What are you looking for, and will you ever find anything.  Maybe this feeling is just a clearing of the attic of your spiritual self preparing for the new and exciting experiences you are about to receive.  We can speculate all night long but for some reason we need this in our life, it could be a connection to the path we have chosen or it could just be an out of body experience that connects us to our bodies or the new feelings we are experiencing.  

What do you think happens when we get lost in our mind?

I love to question it over and over again. 
Peace and Love My Friends

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