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Top 10 Dating Ideas

Top 10 Dating Ideas That Will Have em Wrapped Around Your Little Finger

Saying I Love You... Maybe a strong "like"...?
Either way, it's allot to swallow without a good date
plan in place. That's where we come in.
Our Top 10 dating ideas are a MUST read to get your game on for the saying I love you moment. From us and from our experts... YOU. Feel free to add more.
Grab your date, that blanket, wine basket and head to the great outdoors. 
Nothing says romance like a cozy spot on the beach, by a lake or a hidden trail among the redwoods. This one is perfect for sunset with light wine and cheese appetizer. A Warm fire and toasted marshmallows will make her melt... A day or night excursion works well with this one...
What to bring:
- Blankets (or towels if it's daytime)
- 1 duraflame log for beach fire
- Wine or bevi of choice
- Cheese, crackers, fruit, marshmallows and skewers
- (And don't for get the wine opener and matches)
A Night of Laughter.. a must have for us girls when on a date (and what better source for dating advice)?. So, if you're running out of jokes (the good ones) or not much of a comedian... why not pay for one! (talk about setting the stage for saying I love you). Check out your local Improv or comic venue and follow with a stroll to a light dinner. The show will set the stage for some easy flowing conversation...
Saying I Love You by Getting Your "Gourmet" On.. now here is some serious dating advice for you: Nothing is more impressive then showing off your culinary talents by cooking a meal for your date. Add a few flowers, candles and she'll be putty in your hands.
Total Amusement.. Ahh, saying I love you at an amusement park.. Straight out of "When Harry Met Sally" right? Why? Because it's the perfect ice-breaker and adds a fun/spontaneous element to the moment... (which is perfect if the previous dates tend to be on the serious side). Playful is just as important as romantic!
Exotic Tastes.. One of our TOP dating ideas to date: There is nothing sexier than breaking out of the "norm" and exploring new tastes and cultures. It shows strength, sophistication and style. I once took my date to a Moroccan restaurant. We ate with our fingers while siting on cushions, then joined in on the belly dancing. Needless to say, more dates followed.
Explore.. Once again, nothing sexier than breaking out of the "norm" it breaks you out of the crowd in terms of dating ideas...
Pick an unusual spot maybe an hour away. A historical landmark (Golden Gate bridge, a famous building, some where special in your home town etc). Make sure you read up on the location or area you are visiting. This way as you enjoy the drive, you can impress with your newly explored knowledge. (something like: "did you know there are people working 24 hours a day year round just re-painting the Golden Gate Bridge"?). Looks and brains I tell ya!
Get Physical.. (and I'm sure all dating tips for men say the same thing). Work up a sweat. Do we need to say more? Invite that special one for a challenge (cause you know we all LOVE that). This dating idea shows a true sign of confidence and sex appeal. Big or small, fit or out of shape - it just doesn't matter, it's appealing. So slap on those tennies and hit the tennis court, your favorite hiking spot or biking trail.
I once surprised a date with a picnic basket of wine, crackers, cheese, then broke out the tennis rackets. We laughed hysterically as neither one of us played but flirting around the court sure worked...
Cucina Cucina.. this is not among the standard of dating ideas... so, it will undoubtedly boost your rating.
Take your date to a gourmet foods store (or go at it alone) and select from the "do it yourself menu kits". These are unusual culinary dishes where the kit usually includes specific instruction, tools, pictures etc. (they have items like making sushi, pizza, Indian dishes etc) Then, have some fun in the kitchen. We promise your date will be charmed by the creativity and the trial and error is very entertaining!
Home Sweet Home.. more of a traditional dating tip; a trip down memory lane is an amazing way to get to know someone... planning a date with a tour of "where you are from" will charm him or her into your arms (and if it doesn't, your better without em)! A bike ride down your old streets, a ride through your favorite childhood park, then coffee at the downtown cafe where you first worked. You get the picture...
Cool Culture.. this dating tip is timeless; Once again, when/if you are feeling like you need a little help in the "conversation" area, nothing like a museum, street fair or even a play to stimulate the mind. (and date);)
A final word to the wise; be confident, be yourself and just a tad bit mysterious (just to keep them on their toes)...
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