Friday, May 25, 2018

Tattoos Replace Pick Up Lines

Forget Pick Up Lines - Ask About That Tattoo

In a world of cheesy pick up lines our modern society has produced a way for us to strike up conversation with many new and exciting people.  Tattoos are common place now a days and they are also an opening for us to get to talk to a person in a non-threading way.  The next time you see someone interesting that you would like to talk to look and see if they have any visible tattoos.  Then simply ask them if their tattoo has a story behind it.  People are usually excited to tell the story behind their tattoo good or bad.  The added bonus to this is that you get a little more intimate insight into the person and what they are made of.  So the next time you see a pretty girl or a handsome man with a tattoo instead of asking them what their sign is...

Ask them the meaning behind their tattoo and see where the conversation goes from there.  

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