Wednesday, December 13, 2017

What Is In A Kiss?

What is in a kiss?

I think the more relevant question is what is not in a kiss?  

A kiss between lovers is a powerful connection where the bodies meet in the most interesting way!  Connecting our mouths, tongues and energy in a way that is pleasurable allows the universe to flow between the two people.  When that kiss is amazing the world seems to melt away and you don't remember anything but the feeling of the kiss.  When you part from that type of kiss it is like the Big Bang!  The worlds or lovers in this case pull apart but still have an attraction wanting to pull them together over and over again.  

So what is not in a kiss?  That is the question because if you feel like me that cosmos is all contained in the power of a kiss!  That power creates a chain reaction that leaves lovers wanting more and gives the universe and beyond the energy it needs to keep expanding.  

Think about it your kiss is expanding the universe as we speak!   So kiss more kiss more passionate and kiss more with purpose.  

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