Saturday, November 25, 2017

Can You Imitate Your Partner?

Be careful trying to imitate your pattern.  This funny video takes a funny poke at it but this could seriously hurt some feelings.  So if you try this make sure to do it in good nature.  

Warrior Energy: Have you ever wondered where the great warriors of history got their amazing energy? You might think it is from training, or maybe even for the love of their country or tribe. This however that might be true for some but for others their desire to destroy and take no prisoners came form the soft and gentle touch of a lover. 

The energy of love has long been known to give people super powers. So if a warrior goes into battle with the love and protection of their lover their chances are better at coming out alive. When they are given the power of love to hang around their neck like a protective amulet they draw to them the true power of the universe.  

In this issue we teach you how to use the power of that sexual energy that the warriors use to use, and put it into a modern setting. So now you can take that energy into the boardroom, to protect you from the evils of modern society. 

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