Friday, October 7, 2016

Sex Drive Killers

Here we go again with more things that can kill a sex drive.
There's a lot more things than just drugs that kill that sweet desire for sex.
Have you ever gotten your hopes for something and then gotten crushed when it didn't pan out. This could be a job, some special time with your wife, a new car, or a number of other devastating let downs.
This saps the life out of you and every ounce of mental and physical energy that's in you. You just lose interest in anything and everything.
So if at all possible avoid those disappointments if you can.
But if your mate has some major let down, recognize it if they just seem to not have an interest in sex. Its not you, it's not personal, its just disappointment sapping the life and love out of them. But it's a good thing that this ones only temporary.
Remember the times when you had an issue to deal with, and you just didn't want to deal with the confrontation?
Well confrontation and all the stress it carries will weigh your mind down like a ton of bricks and when your mind is weighed down sex is the farthest thing from your mind.
Arguing or anticipating an argument will put out the fires of passion. So if you have a hot date, this would not be time to deal with touchy issues because that worry can turn off your desires.
All that blood flow you need down in your groin area will be busy in the brain feeding worry and making your heart beat fast.
Don't be a glutton. Stuffing your gut with too many vittles can make you feel bloated like you just swallowed a chunk of concrete. All of your extra sex drive blood flow will be in your gut trying to digest all that food.
That is why you get sleepy after a big meal. All the blood goes to your digestive processes. Plus you'll get the farts, the burps, and possibly heart burn. This is not very sexy. When you gorge on too much food all you can think of is stretching out with your pants unbuttoned and taking a nap.
Be nice to your partner because hateful words can drain the life out of their sex drive. How, because hateful words from your lover makes them not look to attractive to you. It takes the desire to be intimate with them and flushes it down the drain.
Don't ruin your attractiveness by spewing unkind harsh words to your mate, because it can put out their want for sex with you.
Don't be a quitter. When you just give up on your dream it kind of takes the life out of you, it takes the wind out of your sails.When you are following your dream you are keeping it alive. When you are following your dream you have something to look forward too.
But when you quit you give in to the quitter syndrome and along with it can goes your fires of passion. Your sexual desires can be replaced with disappointment and despair. So keep that dream alive and that sex drive.
This is the same thing as that just can't hack it anymore syndrome. The just cant hack it any more syndrome makes you feel like a loser. Now this can be a temporary syndrome.
So when you get knocked down by the situations of life, get up and dust your self off and keep on trying, because as long as your trying your not a loser. Remember Thomas Edison tried thousands of times to make a working light bulb before he finally got one to work.
Quitters and the just cant hack it anymore syndrome can kill your sex desire if you entertain it, so forget the cares of life and work on enjoying the passions of love with your wife. You will have much more fun in the process.
So don't let all the worries of life weigh down your mind, and rob you of your sexual energy.
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