Sunday, September 18, 2016

French Kissing Tips

Curious about how French kissing is done? Are you interested in doing it with your guy for the first time? Do you badly need French kissing tips before you finally do it with him?
Like several other women doing this type of kiss for the first time, having some French kissing tips to follow will not hurt. This type of kiss is passionate. You have to do it as effectively as possible for you to enjoy the kissing. If you are not yet familiar on how it is done, you can consider the following French kissing tips for you to have an idea on how to start doing it.
Tip #1: Observe Proper Hygiene: Before going to the kissing proper, see to it that you have observed proper hygiene first before anything else. You have to make sure that you have brushed your teeth or taken a mint so you will not have a bad breath when kissing your guy.
Tip #2: Create Intimacy: This type of kiss is passionate and you have to create intimacy first to build up the passion. This is the first step in the French kissing tips that you need to observe. If you are both into each other then creating intimacy and building the passion will not be a problem. You just have to be natural with it. Forcing intimacy will not work out and will only come out as an awkward act.
Tip #3: Start with the Caress: The next of the French kissing tips is to start caressing each other. You can try putting a hand behind his neck and start caressing his hair. Most guys find this a turn on. Then you can try caressing his shoulder with your other hand. You can make these caresses even sweeter by looking into his eyes while doing it.
Tip #4: Start with Teasing Kisses: After starting the caresses you can now start kissing by planting simple teasing kisses on his lips. French kissing tips involve doing simple kisses first before finally doing the French kiss proper. These simple kisses can be done to tease each other and to build up the excitement for the French kiss to come. These kisses can be treated as something of a prelude of what's to come next. These kisses will also set the pace for the French kiss that you'll be doing.
Tip #5: The French Kiss: It is important to know that this type of kissing involves the use of the tongue. Thus learning how to make use of the tongue during the kiss is important. Following the French kissing tips, after you have already done the teasing kisses, you can now start parting your lips slightly so you can slip your tongue into his mouth to touch his tongue. Turn him on by playfully moving your tongue with his or around his tongue or slipping and pushing your tongue with his in and out of your mouths. You can do this for a long time until you are out of breath.

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